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Datum: woensdag 03.09.2014
Onderwerp: Nieuwe Backup-Client (v6.19.0.0)

* Application specific backup
- Enhancement - Support IBM Domino and Notes 9.0 (ref: QFN-506-66967, CBE-907-68135, WBA-402-79351, ZBK-326-47057, BEN-773-86638, BSZ-496-80920, KRC-449-10865, HCD-714-79836, KPE-748-24866, IYM-218-92606, DUN-855-70860, RVB-406-86065, HWW-474-55681, SUL-875-15586, QOR-947-28942, T-8495, T-8537, T-9039)
- Enhancement - Support VMware Player 6.0 (ref: T-9211)
- Enhancement - Support VMware Fusion 6.0 (ref: VUR-369-12664, T-9732)
- Enhancement - Support Oracle Database 12c (ref: T-9757)
- Bug fix - "Microsoft SQL Server cannot be found on this computer" for new installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (ref: BWX-179-57119, T-8758)
- Bug fix - GhostOBM v6.17.0.2 unable to upload MSSQL 2012 DB after successfully spooling the file for partitioned DB (ref: FGB-569-47225, T-10083)
- Bug fix - GhostOBM v6.17.0.0 - extra spaces appended to the MSSQL database name when restoring from GhostOBM (ref: LXC-938-19899, T-10118)
- Bug fix - Exchange DAG mail-level: some mailbox missing in backup source if 2 similar name mailbox DB are active on the same Exchange DAG mailbox server(ref: MMA-868-49155, T-10114)
* Deployment
- Enhancement - GhostOBM/ACB installer support Gatekeeper on Mac OSX 10.8 or above (ref: LRJ-501-86360, T-9807, T-10049)
* User experiences
- Enhancement - Limit backupset name to 64 characters only when creating new backupset to avoid Systray shortcut error when backupset name is too long (ref: KUJ-503-53405, T-9646)

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Nieuwe Backup-Client (v6.23.2.0)
dinsdag 10.03.2015
Kleine updates m.b.t. veiligheid en stabiliteit....
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Nieuwe Backup-Client (v6.19.0.0)
woensdag 03.09.2014
* Application specific backup - Enhancement - Support IBM Domino and Notes 9.0 (ref...
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